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Sacramento has a lively, hilarious comedy scene that you may or may not be aware of. In your humble copywriter’s opinion, it’s a scene that’s downright slept on. What better way to give the performers in this town the fandom and following they deserve than to act like it’s already happened? And what better sign of fandom and following than fanfiction??

Friendfiction is simple. We get two comedians. They talk about themselves. Then, we have a third comedian who has spent the month prepping a fanfiction about the other two. The two comedians are forced to perform their parts live as they’re first experiencing it. And that’s the show! And then it’s a podcast you can listen to later!! You’re welcome.

Second Saturdays, 7pm - $6


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* You don't have to purchase a "Virtual Ticket" to watch any live streamed STAB! Comedy Theater show, but if you like a show and want to support it and the theater, this is the best way, as the "Virtual Ticket" costs will be split with the producers of the show, helping to contribute to the theater and performers at the same time.

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