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No one loves Pokemon more than Milk Surface.

No one loves Digimon more than Cory Barringer.

What happens when these two worlds collide? Probably good natured argument and light hearted discussion. You know. Probably.

Tune in to see if pocket monsters Cory and Milk can Digivolve this feud into a friendship and Yugio the distance to gather the Magic to summon understanding. Or something...

The Digipod
Pokecast Show
Every Other Thursday @ 7pm

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* You don't have to purchase a "Virtual Ticket" to watch any live streamed STAB! Comedy Theater show, but if you like a show and want to support it and the theater, this is the best way, as the "Virtual Ticket" costs will be split with the producers of the show, helping to contribute to the theater and performers at the same time.

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