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Fourth Saturdays @ 10pm - $6


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A panel of experts in their respective fields (improvisors) have been brought together to give their presentations to the board of directors (improvisors) and the gathered share holders (the crowd) to promote their way of thinking and direction for the company, cause or organization. The problem is, the experts have never seen the slides they're about to be presenting and their fates are in the board and share holders' hands!

In PowerPlay, improvisors take the stage and give their "prepared" presentations, while on the screen behind them, slides that they've never seen come up and they have to make it all make sense on the spot!

So let's get our mission statements ready and strive toward achieving maximum output synergy, with PowerPlay!

* You don't have to purchase a "Virtual Ticket" to watch any live streamed STAB! Comedy Theater show, but if you like a show and want to support it and the theater, this is the best way, as the "Virtual Ticket" costs will be split with the producers of the show, helping to contribute to the theater and performers at the same time.

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