Grab a drink and your phone, tablet or desk top and join -- Jesse -- and whoever else the world sends our way for STAB!'s Wednesday night game night: Inside The Box!

STAB! Comedy Theater Owner Jesse Jones hosts from deep within his digital cardboard box as he welcomes you to join in the festivities over on STAB! TV on Twitch (or to a lesser extent YouTube or facebook live)!

It's like a game night with your funniest friends along with a variety of players joining in from around the world!

Quiplash, TeeKO, Fibbage, Trivia Murder Party, Champ'd Up, What The Dub?, Gartic, Words on Stream, Make it Meme, Frantic Fanfic and many other Jackbox and Jackbox like games.

It's the third most fun you can have on your couch!

Inside The Box
Wednesdays, Starting @ 4pm

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