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It's Party Game night at STAB!, so pour yourself a strongy or three, pull up a phone, tablet, desk top, souped up Zune, whatever, and join Jesse and whoever else the madness of the internet lets slip through the cracks for STAB!'s Jackbox Party Pack Party Play Party Party -- Inside The Box!

STAB! Comedy Theater Owner and stream miester Jesse Jones cozies up inside the most comfortable digital cardboard box technology has ever constructed, to host the STAB! fam, new and old in an evening of Party Games over on STAB! TV on Twitch (or, if you still need YouTube or facebook live, we're still there too for some reason...)

Just think of it like a game night with some of your funniest friends from all around the heckin' world!

Rifftrax: The Game, Quiplash, Junktopia, TeeKO, Fibbage, Trivia Murder Party, Champ'd Up, What The Dub?, Gartic, Nonsenory, Joke Boat, Guesspionage, Words on Stream, Make it Meme, Frantic Fanfic and many other Jackbox and Jackbox like games.

It's the third most fun you can have on your couch!

Inside The Box
Wednesdays, Starting @ 4pm

Just watching the stream?
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* You don't have to purchase a "Virtual Ticket" to watch any live streamed STAB! Comedy Theater show, but if you like a show and want to support it and the theater, this is the best way, as the "Virtual Ticket" costs will be split with the producers of the show, helping to contribute to the theater and performers at the same time.

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