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Intro to Stand Up

Starting on the first Sunday of every month, our four week stand up comedy class will prepare you for your first open mic. The main focus of the class will be on helping you write and perform your own original material or develop material you've already been working on. Class instructor, John Morris Ross IV will guide you through the class, helping you understand how the comedy scene operates, what to expect, how to function at open mics and most importantly, how to find and develop your own original voice for the stage.  The class will conclude with you performing at STAB! Theater's Open mic on the Thursday following the last class session. Note: Our sessions are limited to a specific amount of attendees. Once a session is purchased, refunds will not be available. However, if you aren't able to attend a session once you've signed up, you will be allowed to make up the session at a later date.


Sessions begin at 6:30PM and run until 8PM

Intermediate Stand Up

Sunday Nights - Starting at 8:00PM

Taking place at our Sunday Night Open Mic, our Intermediate Stand Up Class will keep you in performance shape by holding you accountable to writing & performing new material or polishing up older material at your own pace. Each student will begin the evening performing on the front end of our open mic. Following the conclusion of the student sets, the class will gather together and exchange notes from the night and receive feedback from the instructor, John Morris Ross IV. As opposed to a continuious five week structure, the class is available for purchase in five (5) week blocks, that can be used at the student's own pace. This will allow the student to skip a session(s) without fear of missing out or losing any feedback opportunities. Students are also allowed to redeem their sessions continuously as well if they choose to do so. Students will receive a punch card upon arrival of first session.

Thursday Nights - Five (5) Session Block


Comedian John Morris Ross IV has been performing stand up comedy since 2005 at clubs and colleges over the United States. Ross was a semi-finalist on Comedy Central's 2013 Up Next Search & has been heard on Comedy Central Radio and was a contributing writer for The Bob & Tom Show's Zany Report. He also toured the country with The Coexist Comedy Tour and has featured for top acts like Tom Segura, Emo Phillips, Jon Dore, Fortune Feimster, Christina P., Sebastian Maniscalco, Bobcat Goldthwait and many more. Ross also has been teaching stand up writing and performance since 2010 at the Sacramento Comedy Spot before opening up STAB! Comedy Theater. 

(more classes and workshops coming soon)

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