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STAB! Improv 1


(STAB! Improv 1 is In Person Only)

STAB! Improv 1: Foundations and Fundamentals aims to establish a solid skill set for any performer; beginning or experienced, to provide them with all of the necessary tools to be able to perform in any improv situation! A firm grasp on the Foundations and Fundamentals of improv aren’t just important for the beginning improvisor, but for the most experienced performer as well. Being able to fall back on the fundamentals in any situation is an ability that will help guide and elevate your performance wherever you find yourself.


Over the six weeks of the STAB! Improv 1 course, you will build your improv toolbox with exercises focusing on active listening, support and building on other’s ideas, finding inspiration, specifics and themes, playing to the top of your intelligence, building ideas together, making scenes more believable and the comedic point of view.


STAB! Improv One’s focus on core fundamentals is intended to not only provide a strong foundation for the beginning performer, but also to challenge more experienced players looking to sharpen their skills and be the most complete improvisor they can be.

Note: Our sessions are limited to a specific amount of attendees. Once a session is purchased, refunds will not be available. However, if you aren't able to attend a session once you've signed up, we will do our best to make accommodations for your situation.





Student discounts are available. Contact us directly and we can arrange registration at the special rate with proof of your student ID.


Sundays, 4-6pm (6 weeks)
Beginning May 19th and
Running through June 23rd

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Jesse Jones is the Owner of STAB! Comedy Theater and has been performing in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Jesse received his improv instruction at UCB Los Angeles, The Second City Hollywood Conservatory and is an Alumnus of iO West, over the years having received training from some of the great improv teachers including Craig Cackowski, Paul Vaillancourt, Seth Morris and Charna Halpern. Jesse is also an accomplished comedy writer, director and producer, teaching Sketch Comedy and directing/overseeing sketch comedy programs. Jesse has also performed on, produced and hosted the STAB! show since 2013, working on nearly 400 episodes and over 1500 individual pieces. Currently Jesse owns and operates the STAB! Comedy Theater where he performs weekly and oversees the Improv program therein.

STAB! Improv 2

Coming Soon

(more classes and workshops coming soon)

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