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Riff Fest
Mondays @ 6pm

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The natural evolution of Happy Time Arcade and Inside The Box has come, and it's Riff Fest!

Every Monday, Jesse invites all of the best Riff Game Riffers in the Riff-a-verse to test their mettle against one another in the competitive riffing competition that IS Riff Fest!

If you want to compete, you'd better bring you A game, and if that doesn't work, be ready to try your B through F games, because you never know what's gonna work.

All month long, scores will be kept for Rifftrax: The Game and What The Dub and when all is said and done, the Riff Fest Champion of the month will be crowned and, I dunno, maybe you'll get a trophy or something. At VERY lease, you'll have bragging rights to Riff Supremecy!

So join us, won't you, and see if you have what it takes to put the best words in the dumbest mouths and be Riff Champion!

* You don't have to purchase a "Virtual Ticket" to watch any live streamed STAB! Comedy Theater show, but if you like a show and want to support it and the theater, this is the best way, as the "Virtual Ticket" costs will be split with the producers of the show, helping to contribute to the theater and performers at the same time.

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