How they work around here

Every Thursday at 9PM - Sign Ups at 8:30

Every Sunday at 8PM - Sign Ups at 7:30PM


Late Week Leftovers

Thursday Night Open Mic


  1. Show up at or before sign up times. Anyone showing up after sign up times will be moved to the back of the list (if there's time)

  2. Find the host and make sure your name gets on the list. The list IS NOT "first come first serve." The host will determine and annouce slots 10 minutes before showtime. 

  3. Please don't run the light. All comics will be given FIVE MINUTES with a ONE MINUTE LIGHT. (Unless specified otherwise)

  4. Be respectful of fellow comics. (Our venue is small, so keep talking in the showroom to a minimum.)

  5. If you're a comic, don't heckle other comics. (It's a real asshole thing to do)

  6. Comics do not have to pay to perform or watch open mics. Friends and family members of comics do.

  7. Ultimately, this open mic is here for YOU! Try new stuff, sharpen your act and don't be a dumb/racist/sexist/bigoted/predatory human being. That is all!